Tuesday, 31 May 2011

It's never too late to learn the basics...

.....such as wild flower and insect names. Our rather ordinary field has turned itself delightfully into a wild flower meadow this Spring with masses of flowers, herbs and grasses. Joyce (our predecessor) used to say it was medicine for her horses and other animals, and it is indeed packed with species I am only just learning to recognise. Local legend has it that the ground has never been ploughed or polluted with fertilisers or pesticides, so it's all natural.

Here is bird's-foot trefoil - a slightly gorse or broom-like flower but on the softest and smallest of plants. It has tiny intricate little leaves and the buds start a reddish colour, gradually turning to vibrant yellow as they open out.
....and lesser knapweed, a common flower but really beautiful. Until I looked properly I thought it was a sort of thistle. A good flower to attract the butterflies.
....speedwell,....white campion, with its lovely bluish tinged stem and foliage compared to the more common pink campion...This one I have been unable to identify. It's really common and so dainty with its red tinged leaves and pale pink flower. Maybe a type of tiny mallow?

My small nephew Josh is still close enough to nature to notice all the details. Here he is with his tiger moth he found yesterday in our garden. What a stunning piece of creation.