Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mirror mirror on the truck...

There once was a goose that was always dreaming of a better life. Every day Juicy gazed at her reflection in the mirror and wished she could be someone else. Someone with not quite such a long neck, or such white feathers, or perhaps bigger and more beautiful eyes. Why oh why, she sighed, do I have to have such a big bum....

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Keep on digging...

If you shut your eyes and think lily pads, bullrushes, gunnera, dragonflies and sunlight glinting on water, it's possible to feel better about the various muddy holes we have been digging in our beautiful piece of Somerset. We keep looking forward to next year and the year after when the scars in the ground will be healed and greened up again.

Still, this rainwater attenuation pond held water in the solid we dug this one! It hasn't rained yet so we don't know if it will leak. It will take roof water from the shed and a land drain that flows throughout the winter, and outfalls into another land drain that takes it to the stream.
Harry creating the 'stream' that will flow in winter and when it's raining...
This huge hole had no choice....
But where has all the soil gone to?

A bank around the field 150 metres long, 2m wide and a metre high ready for hedge planting in the Winter.

"Digger at rest". (Pleeease come and take it away Arlow and Hagget before we dig anything else)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

chicken and egg

just came across this little chicken - ian put it up on the shed wall the other day so we're reconnecting with it.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Staying at home...

There have been no new arrivals of the animal variety this week, though we have been asked to 'adopt' two goats that keep escaping from their current home near the motorway and have to be rescued by the Police and returned home like naughty adolescents. Although the prospect of more waifs and strays is quite appealing in an 'all are welcome' sort of way, the reality is our fencing situation is far too ramshackle. We have already experienced a herd of our neighbours milking cows shuffling around outside our shed-home at 2.30am not to mention his 3 sheep that seem to wander at will around the farm - and therefore our land too.

Still, never mind the sheep, our flock of 3 geese seems to have settled in well though they haven't really moved from their spot near the water trough at the top of the run. Apparently they prefer walking on short grass to the ivy covered woodland floor we've given them. So this week, we've been making a concerted effort to get the veg patch fenced in so we can let the geese out into the field and garden. The chickens have already taken a liking to the salad leaves, particularly rocket it seems, so the addition of more poultry could see us without salad for the rest of the summer.

The veg patch itself is fantastic. It's been so exciting to create our own patch from bare ground - we've felt like early American settlers digging up massive tree roots and coaxing the soil to provide food. Thankfully we can resort to Sainsbury's so the comparison ends there....and actually with a digger on site ground preparation is a darn sight easier! The Old Lady even left us a mountain of nicely rotted horse manure to get things going.

Here's Ian with his favourite gardening tool - though you can see he does still know how to use a spade!

On the house front, our loyal builders, Steve and Lee, who have done so much for us finally left for another job. We've kept them for two months longer than expected due to our rotting roofs, and we have the mixed feelings of being stranded without their expertise, but also the delight of 'having our project back'. We can now make all the mistakes we want to without anyone to tell us the 'right' way to do it.....hmmmm. Come back Steve and Lee.
Actually this week has been quite shattering. It started with a lovely couple of days in Pembrokeshire - where God gave us a one day heatwave by the sea. We then drove over to Shropshire where Ian was sitting on the platform at a farming event, followed by work for both of us. Thursday brought major stress when our window manufacturer refused to accept responsibility for the damage to several of the windows. I do know that these things don't really matter in the grand scheme of things but it hurts at the time. Yesterday kind of made up for it as everything went well so I could enjoy it again. Most of the outside drains have been laid now and stone put down, so it can rain all it likes and it won't turn to mud. That feels better.

Ian meanwhile has gone off to Cornwall for another event (how does he keep going?) while I stay home and crash out.