Monday, 21 November 2011

Three rooms....

Having just resurfaced and gasping for air after the last week of MOVING IN, I have found my way back to the shed where the computer still sits amid the debris left behind. It's like a bombsite out here - and do we care? No! Cos we are smugly warm, dry and safe inside a real house with windows, heating, flushing toilets and even a carpet in the bedroom. Living in a wooden shed has definitely lost it's appeal since summer ended.

We woke up on our first morning in the house, stepped casually into the shower and stumbled downstairs for rayburn-cooked porridge. The morning was golden. God was smiling and I felt tearful with relief to finally be HOME. The last few weeks have brought to mind images of being on a long sea voyage, and at last spotting the harbour of home in the distance getting slowly closer. The sea has sometimes been stormy, sometimes calm since we sold the Chapel two and a half years ago, stayed with my wonderful parents, travelled to China, lived in Wales, and finally spent the last 8 months here at Pengotton - nearly home but not quite. Ironically, we bought this place at auction on 17th November 2009, and moved in on 17th Nov 2011 - 2 years to the day!

(Can you tell we're exhausted from behind?)

The house is far from finished. To get in before winter, we set the goal of finishing three rooms - the bedroom, the shower room... (with shower now fixed and raised above Ian's head.... and even a loo roll holder fixed to the wall...)and the pantry - my favourite room so far (why are we even having a kitchen?)....Somewhere clean to sleep, wash and keep food - surely the basics of life.

Every detail has a story - a cupboard made by a friend, slate windowsills from Cornwall, oak from Lankelly, Sidbrook and Wales, loos and sinks from a neighbour - and the marble worktops......say no more!

The stress when things go wrong (at least once a week) has been relieved by lots of small miracles. The shower problem (see earlier blog) was solved when Ian happened to find just the right bit of pipe in a box of taps we had been given - he was astounded when it fitted the shower head so we didn't have to buy another one.

So what's next ..... I think three more rooms by Christmas - the two back bedrooms (gotta make somewhere for K&P to sleep!) and the kitchen (to carve the turkey). The kitchen cupboards arrive this Thursday (I hope) so all we've got to do is sort out worktops, sinks and appliances and then fit it. The lovely stone floor was laid last week and most of the painting has been done.

The rayburn has not gone out since it was plumbed in a few weeks ago. The log pile is diminishing frighteningly fast but I am glad to say I have barely cooked a meal since it was first lit. It is the love of Ian's life and he has already tried out bread making, home made pizza, yogurt in the bottom oven, and drying fruit... as well as real food. I'm praying the novelty never wears off ;0