Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Good Friday Grass

I spotted this pretty little grass in our meadow this afternoon and managed to identify it with some help from a wonderful book, A Year in the Life of an English Meadow.  Here's an extract from the web, describing the field wood-rush, or Good Friday Grass. 

"Think of hay meadows and the chances are you will think of ox-eye daisy, orchids or birds-foot trefoil, all glamorous plants, but in Northiam one of the species I am always pleased to see again each spring is the humble, widespread  field wood-rush Luzula campestris. This plant has a creeping rootstock and so grows in dense patches, and at this time of year the grasslands and lawns  are speckled with the bright golden-yellow anthers on the darker background of the florets.  Very attractive in a non-flambuoyant way. This is  the shortest woodrush in our area (<15cm high), with the characteristically sparsely hairy leaves of the Luzula family. It is one of those lucky species that remains widespread and does not seem to be declining."
 Field wood-rush