Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Goose & a broody hen...

Loving the snow-geese at the moment.  They are such a family - always looking after each other and they seem to feel affection and loyalty - it's beautiful.  Lucy is blind in one eye and finds it hard to see which way to go but they never leave her behind.  On the pond she stands on the bank and watches Jube (the gosling) while he splashes madly.  Juicey (the old gander....30 plus years) leads the way and is the great protector.  I can't wait for them to start laying again, so we can try hatching some more.

With Ian away on a course in Rural Leadership for two weeks, this activity has been an important part of life this week since coming back from France.  The rayburn devours a wheelbarrow of logs a day in the cold weather. 

The biggest delight this week was finding a certain small chicken who I hadn't seen since last Thursday.  She disappeared and I feared she might have become dinner for Mr F.   However ... it seems they have been laying more than we thought...... and not in the normal nesting box.  She has gone broody and is sitting on 17 brown and white eggs! Bless her little chicken socks.

Yes, that is our outside eco-loo - they've been going under the door and hopping in the sawdust bucket to lay their eggs - the perfect spot!