Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chick Updates

Our ten-week old seabright chicks from Red Rooster Cottage in Norfolk are now bigger than their mother who is half bantam and very petite.  It's been amusing watching her nestling them under her wings at night.

Birds' eye view?  They are now free-ranging around the garden and discovering greenery, slugs and bugs.  Happy hens.

The little balls of fluff we hatched only four weeks ago have now moved outside into a henhouse for the first time.

They started in the incubator, moved to the heat lamp box in the utility room, then out to the shed and now outside.  They no longer look cute!  They are half fluff, half feathers with scrawny necks and sharp little beaks.  Gangly teenagers perhaps.  

If anyone knows what breed this little beauty is, please let us know.  It's been suggested it's a Silkie, or an Arucana.  I suspect only time will tell.