Friday, 13 July 2012


I am feeling sad today.  Both our little chicks died last night :(   boo hoo.   They were so tiny, cute and fluffy and held such promise for the future - small though they were.  One of them, the one that hatched second, was always a bit weak and didn't seem to know how to eat or drink, but the first one was healthy and noisy and had learnt to peck chick-crumb.  We've got no idea why he died - they had the warmth, water, food, everything they needed at that age.  Maybe he just keeled over in sympathy with the other one.  

Perhaps I'll blame ebay - sending eggs through the post - whatever next!  I'm glad to say our next batch were laid on a smallholding in Cornwall and handed gently over to us with kid gloves.  They are happily incubating away in the utility room for the next 18 or so days.  

Very sad.  RIP ben and jerry or whatever you would have been called :(