Monday, 11 June 2012

A week in the life of Jube the gosling - cheesy but cute ;)

Day 1 - Chick-lit
 (These 2 photos by Megan Forshaw)

 Day 2 -  Billy no-mates (sadly the other egg never hatched so Jube is all on his lonesome)

Day 3 - helping with the A level revision...

Day 4 - first trip out into the big wide world....

"Do I have to let this thing peck me?"

 "Have you heard the news?"

Day 4 - "I'd better be careful - see what they did to the duck?!"

 "Go on - JUMP - I dare you!"

 Day 5 - "DADDY!!!"

 (actually Juicy the big gander isn't his real dad, but they bonded quickly)

By the end of the first week, Jube (short for Jubilee...?) is eating chick-crumb and grass, drinking just like a big goose, and can run behind me the full length of the garden cheeping continually to make sure he doesn't get lost.  I guess we're 'imprinted' on his little goose-brain, but hopefully it will transfer to Juicy and Lucy in due course.  He still lives indoors with us at the moment but had 20mins in the goose run today as an introduction.