Sunday, 22 April 2012

Help! Three little piggies...

This was NOT meant to happen.  I was NOT meant to fall in love straightaway with the future contents of our freezer.  But who can resist their little snouty noses and big floppy ears?   And their little curly wurly tails and little piggy eyes..... They ARE cute!!  And in just one afternoon of knowing them, they are clearly as intelligent as everyone says.  

We have, with the encouragement of a few friends and neighbours, started a little pig-share group to produce our own meat.  It's a bit of an experiment really, but so far so good.  I was terrified they would escape into the neighbours' beautiful gardens or run amok down Gotton Lane.  But they have been 'settling in' to their new home, rooting around for whatever it is they root around for, and are currently snuggled up in a pig-pile inside the cosy pig-sty acquired by Ian at one of his farm auctions.

The 'club' consists of seven families, each of which contributes to the costs of rearing them, helps fatten them up with vegetables, and at the end takes home a half or third of a pig for the freezer.  

They are 9 weeks old from a litter of 8 piglets.  Their mother is a Saddleback/Large White cross, and their father a Gloucester Old Spot.  They are two males and one 'gilt' or female.  Watch this space for more photos.  And follow this link to The Pigs of Pengotten blog by one of our fellow pig-sharers