Friday, 17 February 2012

Shapwick Heath

Last weekend we paid a visit to see the starlings at Shapwick Heath. I love this place - not just for the birds and otters, but the FEEL of the place is so prehistoric. Makes me want to try a spot of time travel to see the original British Isles before we spoilt them. It's easy to mistake a heron for a pterodactyl here.

You might not be surprised that our route to Shapwick took us via Wells, and Wells Recreation Yard, as we have now renamed it, being one of our most popular weekend destinations at the moment. Thankfully Ian's parents quite enjoy ferreting around old church pews and roof tiles. We bought a gorgeous bent-wood 'plantation chair' to sit at the breakfast bar.

Now it's back up to 10 degrees it seems incredible that everything was frozen last weekend

It's not too easy to photograph a murmuration as they tend to swarm at dusk when the light is poor. They were also flying past us to roost at Ham Wall instead of Shapwick but we got some good sightings. The Bishops Palace

Wells CathedralVicars Close
The famous chair.